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healthy truffle box for eid

I was asked by my wonderful and thrifty blogger friend to do a guest blog post for her seriously crafty  Blog ,   so I jumped on this exciting opportunity. I am new to the blogging world so this is exhilarating for me. It’s the Holy month of Ramadan! Since this is the month of blessings and festivities, it would be fitting to create a blog post related to it. This month, I have a tight leash on my households' eating habits. it’s easier since my kids are only 3 and a half but I have a very demanding foodie husband who when fasting, thinks of new dishes for me to try, not bothering to wonder that I would be the one making it or how much tha impacts his waist line. It goes like this at 6 in the evening when he finishes watching a rather feisty cooking show on TV. "When are we going to have a proper Iftari? You have never made kachoris, have you? You really should think of something new, all this regular stuff isn’t doing me any good. “ Rest assured, I make enough food for Iftari